Shout Out: Among others > Ken Shardik’s surname comes from the

The Glasses Come Off: Supergirl wears glasses and adopts a geeky if snarky behavior when she is being Kara Danvers, and she takes them off when she has to perform her hero duty. Goggles Do Something Unusual: Kara Danvers wears glasses with a hidden holographic projector to change her hair color and protect her secret identity. Hair Flip: Kara Danvers has taken this habit to express confusion or annoyance. Shout Out: Among others > Ken Shardik’s surname comes from the eponymous bear god in Richard Adams’ Shardik. Ringworld: Pendor (and later, the new colony for the population of Earth) is designed in imitation of the Ringworld, but one with a flourishing civilization and the most advanced possible technology. Stepping discs are almost always referred to as SDisks, while the term «rhysh» is derived from rishathra.

Replica Designer Handbags Their Disciplines are: Celerity, Majesty and Vigor. Gangrel: Vampires capable of great ferocity and insight. The Savages may have hairpin triggers, but their special bond with the Beast give them a sagacity matched by no other Clan, and, in fact, some of the wisest vampires out there are Gangrel. Antimatter: The primary source of energy is matter/antimatter reactors. Used to be that the anti hydrogen involved was manufactured very expensively and slowly by particle accelerators, but then the Mollies discovered huge natural clouds of the stuff in their territory and began mining it, refining it, and selling it to the rest of the galaxy. The war came when they decided to stop all exports on religious grounds. Predecessor Villain: Three are important to the story. First, the Flying Dutchman. (this one, not that one) who in this reality is actually one of The Fair Folk who was exiled for crimes against his fellows, along with other evil fey, turning to piracy. Replica Designer Handbags

Hermes Replica Bags Foil: Dick’s brother Mickey. While Dick is washed up and his Glory Days are behind him, Mickey is a successful award winning musician and considerably nicer. Claire for Lenny in some ways. It’s been a few hours since we all watched The Rocky Horror Picture, and since Halloween is creeping up on us, why wait any longer to discuss the movie? This was our first time using the CoverItLive live blogging technology, and it went reasonably well. There were several Dans, and even Dan Bergsteins, signed into the chat program. This felt like a very real Replica Designer Handbags nightmare and left me doubting my own existence. Kallie is an assassin who happens to work for the Church of a Dark Fantasy world dying from the Zombie Apocalypse. Anti Anti Christ: Frank, again, is the nephew of the Devil but hunts demons. Black and Gray Morality: A feature in his Demon Squad, Clandestine Daze, and other works Hermes Replica Bags.

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