(Everyone under the age of three, that is)

Bomb, the Baron’s first partner in crime, threatens to expose him unless the Baron forks over 100,000 francs. The Baron however knows about Dr. Bomb’s criminal past, so that fails. She’d have been milking a cow. Well, she hasn’t actually said anything on the program in about three weeks or is it four? and won’t be saying anything more in this episode, so they were desperate to get her saying something, anything, even if it was something more stupid than Fabio’s belief that, hey, everyone pees in the pool. (Everyone under the age of three, that is). Garon also partakes in it in Cheve, to further drive a wedge between Hoshido and Nohr. Fantastic Racism: Hoshido and Nohr have bad blood that originates from being on opposite sides in the First War, so both have negative and racist views towards the other considers Nohr to be little more than barbaric warmongers, and Nohr considers Hoshido haughty snobs. Mikoto herself ends up being somewhat racist towards the Nohrians after Kamui gets kidnapped.

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